Do We Have To Have Him Back?!

Alejandro Valverde has just won stage five of the Tour Down Under after serving a two year suspension. He was linked by dna and documentary evidence to Operation Puerto, a blood doping affair which blew up in 2006. Now i know that others have served their bans and returned with varying degrees of success to the peleton but isn’t it time the rules were changed to introduce a lifetime ban? The sport has come pretty close to imploding over the last few years but it does now seem that the newer generation are general riding clean. This can quite easily be jeopardised by more positives and whilst i am not suggesting that AV will transgress it does seem that whilst he and his ilk continue to ride the sport will carry some of the staining these guys subjected upon it. AV is a classy rider and this victory will probably be one of plenty over the next few years but I for one will not cheer a single minute of his efforts no matter how impressive they are

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I am professional cycle sport photographer based in the North West of England. I get to as many good quality races as I am able with the aim of shooting the action and the actioneers! All photos in my blog are, unless otherwise stated, my own handiwork. All vids are to the credit of others.
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