The Legend of Kenny Van Vlaminck

My career as a sports photographer has now reached its zenith and i am left asking myself “where do i go from here?”

The reason?

Well the great Kenny Van Vlaminck (KVV!)has chosen one of my photos of himself for his new range of designer apparel. Yes, you heard it correctly. A photo of mine will adorn the front of KVV!’s new range of T Shirts.

For those unfamiliar with the man (and i can’t think that there will be many) KVV! is the legendary Belgian hardman who took the northern classics  by storm in the 90’s. Announcing his arrival on the scene with a spectacular 67th at Fleche Brabanconne in 1992 he followed this up with 11th in 93’s Gent Wevelgem and then to prove these results were neither flukes or career blips inspired by pharmaceutical assistance he stormed to an incredible 19th in the prologue of the 96 Tour of Morocco.

Widely regarded by Belgians as the man Merckx could have been KVV!’s formidable hardman status gained him a reputation throughout Europe that survives to this day. His transition from cyclling great to knowledgable tv pundit has been smooth and natural, organic some might say, and he is bringing to cycle sport what Mick Fleetwood brought to the 1989 Brit Awards.

For Mick and Sam read Kenny and Ned.

If there is  one fly in the ointment in an otherwise flawless Kenny world it is that he has been cursed with the misfortune of bearing an uncanny resemblance to former National Road Race Champion Matt Stephens. The irony really couldn’t be any greater when you consider the staggering gulf in the talent of these two men.

Kenny can be found at

Hard Case Nutter

Hard Case Nutter


Kenny shadows a young Greipel

Kenny shadows a young Greipel

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I am professional cycle sport photographer based in the North West of England. I get to as many good quality races as I am able with the aim of shooting the action and the actioneers! All photos in my blog are, unless otherwise stated, my own handiwork. All vids are to the credit of others.
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