Who is…………Rosie Walsh?

Following on from our recent Q and A with Seonaid Thompson we put another one of Sunsport WRTs new recruits under the spotlight.

Emerging talent Rosie Walsh was part of the High on Bikes Road Team for 2016. Spotted by Sunsports then manager Tony Orrell at the ACT track League at the National Cycling Centre she linked up with Sunsport at Stoke for the Matrix Tour Series, sharing their facilities and consequentally guesting for them at several other races. Rosie gave a good account of herself on the road and put herself in a position to move to a higher level career wise. She has now made the move to Sunsport attracted by the benefits on offer that will help with her development. Not just a cycling team Sunsport provide a full rider development package which allows young riders like Rosie to maximise their potential. (We will do a full feature on the team behind the team at Sunsport later in the year). A strong race programme for next season is also on offer and she will be able to mix it with the finest domestic talent at regular intervals throughout the year. Rosie is still very young and her best years are still way ahead of her. In the meantime it is going to be interesting to see how she develops and no doubt thrives in the coming seasons.


  Who is Rosie Walsh?



Rosie Walsh

Name…………………. Rosie Walsh
Age……………………. 17
Hometown………….   Hesketh Bank
Live……………………  Hesketh Bank
How long have you been cycling……… I have been cycling for 3 years now, I have just completed my second full season of racing.
Career highlight so far…………This year I was lucky enough to be chosen to race in Norway at the Heroes of Tomorrow Road Race, it gave me my first insight of being part of a team and I really enjoyed the whole experience.
Biggest influence on your cycling…………. My Dad has to be my biggest influence in cycling, he is extremely supportive and takes me to all my races. We started riding our bikes together a few years ago and he loves it just as much as me!
What are your ambitions in the sport……… To continue to enjoy riding my bike and see how far I can get.
Who do you most admire outside of cycling………… My cousin Stephen, as after breaking his leg in 2009, with a lot of hard work he has gone onto complete ultra marathons, most recently running 100 miles! I admire him because he has never given up and is determined to succeed at whatever he puts his mind to!
Away from cycling what would be your preferred career……… A Sports Scientist
You’re stranded on a desert island with three famous people (dead or alive) of your choice. Who are they…………. Justin Bieber (because he is beautiful) and erm… I’m not sure I’d need anyone else?
Favourite Holiday Destination……….. Italy; because of the sun, hills and the pizza
Pineapple on a pizza should be illegal, yes or no ….. Of course not!
Your house is on fire. What one possession do you save ……. I’m not sure I could live without my eyebrow pencil :/
Name a famous person who really really irritates you and in 5 words why………….. Drake – Controversial, but he annoys me.



Multiple Choice

Ant or Dec – Dec
Ketchup or Brown Sauce – none, I’m not a fan of sauce
Cats or Dogs – Pugs
GBBO or Poldark – GBBO

and finally back to cycling, what would you say is your main strength eg climbing, sprinting, suffering….. Suffering 😀

Follow Rosie’s first season at Sunsport on twitter @rosiiewalsh and look out for an in depth interview with her over the winter.


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