Why Shootthebikerace? Why not? No not with a gun, or a crossbow. That wouldnt be right. With a camera, thats the only legitimate way to do it.

I enjoy cycle sport in all its forms, particularly road racing and especially at the highest level, i always have done. More recently i have moved into photographing it. And i enjoy that too.

I go all over the country as quite a few of us do. We are all looking for the picture that sets us apart from the field, and i guess none of us has found it yet as we are still out there doing it.

My style is to try and look sideways. I know its a bike race and of course i have to take the obligatory long shot full of riders but beyond that i like to get the portraits, the candids and yes the crashes. So on the premise that there must be more of us out there who do just the same i thought i would set this blog up to share views, photos and advise. Along the way it would be good to opine about other non-related matters that get our goats and have a laugh at each others and the cyclist expense.

So here it is. Comment, send pictures, just gob off!


Starter for ten: Bernie Eisel in odd pose shock!!

About chrismeadsphoto

I am professional cycle sport photographer based in the North West of England. I get to as many good quality races as I am able with the aim of shooting the action and the actioneers! All photos in my blog are, unless otherwise stated, my own handiwork. All vids are to the credit of others.
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