Who Is…………………..Becky Preece?

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To the inner circle of off road racing the name of Becky Preece needs no introduction, certainly not in the North of England, which is all that really matters of course.

Becky has been on the MTB and cross scene for a number of years and has proven to be one of the finest competitors on the dirt. She has a palmares as long as Mr Tickles arm and is still plenty young enough to rack up a thousand more wins.

Her bike handling skills are second to none as is her ability to gurn and grimace-even when she is winning.

If you follow her on twitter you will understand why the RSPB have a contract out on her. Her ongoing feud with the Merseyside seagull population has recently escalated into an all out war. Air power versus pedal power.

There may still be a few people out there who are not familiar with this talented bikestress and so here she is in her own words:


  • Name: Becky Preece 
  • Age: 22
  • Hometown: Preston aka P Town
  • Live: Wirral
  • How long have you been cycling: 7 years
  • Career highlight so far: Winning a national MTB race as a Junior, being selected to ride for GB at the World MTB Championships in 2012, winning the 3 peaks cyclocross race as a junior and also being asked to apply for the Olympic Academy.
  • Biggest influence on your cycling: My mum, because she introduced me to the sport and nothing makes me happier than making her proud, and my boyfriend, Giles (Drake), because he is so determined and motivated and it makes me want to be as good as him.
  • What are your ambitions in the sport: In terms of results id like to podium at a National MTB races as an Elite, but in general I just want to enjoy riding and racing my bike, trying different events such as a MTB stage race abroad. 
  • Who do you most admire outside of cycling: Hmmmmmm… Jessica Ennis because she is inspiring and has a six pack that I’m really jealous of. 
  • Away from cycling what would be your preferred career: Well if I’m totally honest, I never want to work 🙂 but in reality, id like to be an outdoor leader and travel the world gaining qualifications in outdoor leadership activities.
  • You’re stranded on a desert island with three famous people (dead or alive) of your choice. Who are they: Chris Martin (because I love Coldplay and him) , Ryan Reynolds (because he’s sexy and I’m shallow), James Corden (because he makes me laugh and I think he could be a good cuddle buddy… tubby)
  • As you know, by law, Friday night is chippy tea night. What do you order? Chips, Jumbo Sausage and Beans because everything else I’m allergic to….
  • Last time you were drunk: 21st May 2016 at my works leaving do, then attempted to race the Crank It round at Clayton Vale… BAAAD idea :S
  • Last (none bike related) purchase over £100: Clothes for my hols!


Multiple Choice
  • Adele or Pierce the Veil: Because I have no idea who Pierce the Veil are… I’ll have to say Adele (even though she’s depressing)    Always thought it was just me who didn’t get all the fuss about her. CM
  • Pizza or salad: Salad… cause I’m well healthy… and because I’m allergic to cheese so its not really a pizza to me..
  • Cats or Dogs: Neither I dislike them both… and once again I’m allergic (p.s I’m allergic to pretty much everything)
  • Corrie or Eastenders: errrrrr never watched any of them, but ill say Corrie 
  • and finally back to cycling, what would you say is your main strength eg climbing, sprinting, suffering….Probably my technical ability cause I love a good gnarl. I also like a good sprint, especially against Giles because I beat him 😉 

For updates on both Beckys racing career and indeed her ongoing conflict with the scouse seagulls she is on twitter @beckypreecex


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I am professional cycle sport photographer based in the North West of England. I get to as many good quality races as I am able with the aim of shooting the action and the actioneers! All photos in my blog are, unless otherwise stated, my own handiwork. All vids are to the credit of others.
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